Product 3: Eco Mesh


There is enormous demand for an alternative method of highlighting/lowlighting as the cost of foil ever increases. Clear Meche not only provides a less expensive alternative but also makes checking colour development times simpler as each Meche is see through.

Meche is manufactured to the same high standard as the current market leader and is exactly the same weight and quality.”

· Versatile aid for modern colouring and highlighting/lowlighting techniques.


· Special non slip features for closer root application.


· 200 sheets in each pack of Long and Short.


· See colour development process at a glance (unlike foil having to open each foil packet to see the processing stage as colour develops at different times with heat from the head.


· Professional appeal as each individual Meche is branded with your company logo.


· Develop and design your own individual Distributor packaging and brand



Leveraging 35 years of experience in the beauty industry across numerous markets Salon Eco seeks to introduce innovative products within the professional hair industry which show true potential for exponential growth.


Utilise an existing global network of tried and tested distributor partners to rapidly roll out innovative products on a global scale (or as directed by the Manufacturer).


Enhance Brand’s by ensuring all aspects of the business are implemented and initiated according to specific brand guidelines.


Assist Manufacturers to develop global businesses within fast timelines.




The first product in the Salon ECO stable is ECOHEADS, an innovative salon showerhead that provides double the pressure for half the spend.


This product has shown incredible results when launched in the UK and Australia and is seen as a true play for exponential growth.


Salon ECO is now recruiting distributors for this innovative product which should compliment most Distributors product offerings and provide a new angle to get into Salon doors.


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If you have a great product or are a top-class Distributor within the hair industry please do be in touch:


david@salon-eco.com or bridget@salon-eco.com



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